Think you could be a Personal Assistant to a Disabled Woman?

This site provides further information on the role of a personal assistant and the possibility to download an application form.

  • "Feels safer to work here than elsewhere given the COVID situation"
  • "No two days are really the same", "a unique and rewarding role"
  • The work involves personal care, some medical support, domestic support and academic work support alongside the active life style of a disabled woman.
  • Help foster the development of a young dog who already alerts when oxygen levels are low.


'Since March 2020 I have been advised to "shield" in my bungalow, thus limiting my contact with other people as I use CPAP and nebulisers due to my impairment. I am in respiratory failure type II, thus as a high risk person who can be negatively effected. The interviews maybe via Zoom and if successful careful stages will be applied before joining our "bubble". Current practices involve PPE, careful management of things entering the home and staff keeping a degree of social distancing from other people in order to keep Sarah safe as reasonably possible.