Think you could be a Personal Assistant to a Disabled Woman?

This site provides further information on the role of a personal assistant and the possibility to download an application form.

  • "Feels safer to work here than elsewhere given the COVID situation"
  • "No two days are really the same", "a unique and rewarding role"
  • The work involves personal care, some medical support, domestic support and academic work support alongside the active life style of a disabled woman.
  • Help foster the development of a fun loving dog who alerts when oxygen levels are low.


In March 2020 I was advised to "shield" in my bungalow, thus limiting my contact with other people as I use CPAP and nebulisers due to my impairment.  The interviews maybe via Zoom and WhatsApp. Current practices involve PPE, careful management of things entering the home. I understand we now have to live with COVID, so careful management is now required, but life is for living!