Who am I looking for?

​I seek applications from women of all ages that are open minded, easy to get on with, flexible, reliable, discreet, and able to use their initiative without taking control. Ability to respect working in my home or my other spaces, my belongings, willing to work alone when necessary, and can identify when I need space. Good organisational and domestic skills are essential, a good cook is always welcome! My confidentiality, data protection, property and personal matters should be respected at all times. Ability to assist with writing and typing is required, and a driver would be extremely helpful. No personal previous experience is necessary!

Different roles: 

(a) someone committed to two or three shifts a week/weekend (full-time hours) this is organised through a rota. 

(b) covers one shift e.g. one sleepover, often combined with (c)

(c) cover/back up, (that is offering services as/when required). 


Some personal assistants will be given main responsibilities, this means they are responsible for a specific area of work in parallel to their usual work routine, for which they will be paid extra for when extra hours are required. These are often completed using additional hours outside one-to-one shifts. These can cover administration of my support e.g. paperwork, typing, cleaning and house maintenance, meal planning (including making up and sorting some small portions for freezer), preparing meds. These can be arranged to suit us both. (Although I am open to what people can offer me within reason as generally we can have some flexibility within our schedule.)

For permanent contracts:

There is a probation period and statutory holiday provided pro rata.  
Once your application form has been submitted, we usually have an informal interview,normally offered off site. Successful candidates will then be offered an induction at my house, and will gently build up to a more regular working pattern which suits both of us.

My Personal details are kept confidential at this stage, you will be contacted after the completion of your application form.