A bit about me...

I hope you are now en-route to applying for this position!
I employ and value my personal assistants greatly, as through them I am able to live independently and carry on with my active lifestyle. There is a variety of roles and jobs that constitute my team and which give a unique side in working for me.

My impairment is a rare metabolic disorder which affects my bones and joints – I am only a meter tall and find it hard to move and lift things and use an electric wheelchair. I also have difficulties with my breathing. More details will be disclosed once when you have made it through the next stage of application. Much of the one to one support, can be learned on the job. What I am looking for is someone that will ensure I remain safe, healthy and take some of the stress out of my day my helping me with daily tasks.

At the moment I am currently undergoing rehabilitation due to health complications last year. I am hopefully close to resuming my studies and completing my PhD. In order to restore my confidence to go out and bring consistency to my day to day life, I have adopted a puppy a year ago, despite being attacked Alia is a member of our support team, and can alert when I need to use my nebuliser, and medication. Consequently we are training her into becoming my assistance dog, sadly since she was attacked we have to redo her obedience training.

The focus of my PhD is on the narratives associated with Disability and the Christianity Church; I have a keen interest in ethics and how we value people. My academic research interests include: institutional discrimination, representation of impaired body, disability and religion, community engagement. Professionally I have previously worked as a Diversity, Disability Equality Consultant and Social Researcher. I have an active interest in the arts, theatre, travelling, creative writing, photography and current affairs.