Looking for personal assistants/care workers to support a disabled woman to live in the community. Seeking individuals who are responsible, have good intuition and have great companionship to help her at home, finishing her PHD (help with typing and formatting) and writing, helping care for and train her dog (miniature poodle) who already medically alerts us when Sarah’s oxygen drops and breathing can be difficult. As a PA you need to work alongside others to supervise the management of the house, so being practical, having an ability to cook clean etc. required. Consequently this role is diverse, unique, variable, with some visits to London etc. You need to be reliable, flexible, well organised and adaptive as well as honest. Accompanying Sarah around Bath, London etc. drivers required. Able to work with respiratory equipment which will be trained on site.

Support arrangements cover a 24hr period 7 days a week/weekends using a team of carers/PAs. At least two full time and part time roles available, covering overnight sleepovers and someday time. Some relief worker roles available. Importantly it is useful to take some of the responsibilities and stresses off Sarah, help her fulfil her wellbeing and enjoy this time in her life.
Particularly interested in hearing from someone able to:
Help co-ordinate and organise care arrangement, manage rota and payrolls inputs;

Advocating when appropriate for Sarah, retaining care records.
Plan and execute specific diet, ensure preparation is in place to insure Sarah is healthy and well fed.
Be organised and adaptive to a range of circumstances
Demonstrate commitment and reliability
Support with her studies, particularly typing
Supervise/manage medical equipment and treatments
Be flexible, available at weekends, bank holidays and when extra cover is required
Be comfortable working with a young dog (29 mths old), we constantly have training with a dog specialist to ensure consistency as best as possible.

Only open for women (this complies with S7 (2B) of the SDA 1975). Hourly rates start at £10.00/£12.00 Sleepover £40.00/£45.00.  For further information please read www.paseeker.com and complete the application form available on this site. CV’s are not accepted. No previous experience necessary.

The number of hours and sleepovers a week to be discussed.